Admission Requirements for Higher Education-Flemish Community

The Belgium-Flemish Community’s Education System functions around the language of that community which is Dutch. The Flemish Community in Belgium is also referred as the Dutch-speaking Community and is blended with one of the 3 Belgian federal regions - Flanders, located in the North.

The education operates within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) set up by the Bologna Process which started a standardised European framework of studies, providing Bachelor and Master degrees. 

Admission Requirements

For Bachelor’s Programmes- Professional and Academic

General Admission Requirements- 

Students must possess Flemish Diploma of Secondary Education (Diploma van secundair onderwijs) or its equivalent.

Special Admission Requirements-

Higher education institutions also have special admission requirements for students who cannot satisfy the general admission requirements. These decisions are based on-
  • Humanitarian grounds
  • Medical, psychological or social ground

For Advanced Bachelor’s Programme

General Admission requirement- Students must hold a professional bachelor degree.  A preparatory programme may also be needed. 

For Master’s Programmes

Students must possess academic Bachelor Degrees in order to gain admittance into a Master degree Programme.

For Advanced Master’s Programme

Students must hold a Master degree in order to gain admission into an advanced Master Programmes. Also, a preliminary exam is conducted in some cases.  The higher education institution’s board will specify which Master Degrees would lead to admission to the specialised and advanced Master programmes. Professional Bachelor Degrees may also be required for some of the Master degree programmes.

For Doctoral Programmes

To gain admittance into a Doctoral programme, students must hold a relevant Master’s degree. In certain fields of study, a preliminary exam also takes place. 

** Foreign higher education degrees can be considered for admissions into a Bachelor, Master Programmes or advanced Master Programmes, or Doctoral Programmes, if the higher education institution’s board considers it to be equivalent to the Flemish higher education degree thereby giving entry to the programme/course concerned.

Admission Procedure

Students can apply individually to each institution by filling out their application forms. Submit the completed application form and required documentation to the respective higher education institution. 


Submit the following documents-
  • Completed Application form
  • Educational Certificates Copy- Bachelor degree certificate and Master’s degree certificate (if applicable), along with coursework details, credits earned, etc.
  • CV: It should contain your personal information, education background, accomplishments and skills, and professional experience (if any).
  • Letter of Recommendation: At least 2 recommendation letters must be submitted (if required). The letter of recommendation must include your traits, accomplishments and skills related to the chosen field of study.
  • Language Certificate Copies
If you’re accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter from the institution. This acceptance letter is needed to complete the registration process. Pay the tuition fee in time!

Selection Process

The selection process encompasses reviewing of qualifications, working experience, entrance exam and the relevance of the programme chosen for a career. Find out with the respective Flemish community higher education institution about the selection process as they vary.

Interview- The personal interview may/may not be required. Check with the respective institution about the same. For the interview, be confident and well prepared. 

Language Requirements

The higher education institution requires the students to submit a Dutch language proficiency proof for the programmes/courses taught in Dutch. 

Following Dutch language proficiency proof can be submitted- 
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