Selecting the Right Course to Study in Belgium

Are you planning to study in Belgium? Read the post to know how to choose the right programme in Belgium!  

While selecting a course, abide by the following steps:

Determine your Personal Goals

Know about your personal goals for wanting to study in Belgium. Identify the course of study you wish to pursue, the scope and future prospects.  

Do Basic Research 

Once you’ve known what you want to pursue, start researching about it. Know more about the program, the institutions offering that course of study. Get the answers to questions like-
  • Does the course of study focus on “total immersion” in the language and culture? 
  • Is the course affordable? Know about the tuition fees.
  • Are there any scholarships and grants offered and their eligibility conditions?
  • What is the cost of living and accommodation in Belgium?
  • Are the institutions and course accredited and recognised?
  • What are the Admission Requirements and other prerequisites?
  • What are the facilities being provided- health, transportation, etc.? 

Course Selection

After you get the answers to all your questions, select the appropriate institution and course of study you wish to take up.  Find out about the admission requirements for the particular course and institution, documentation required, scholarships and grants, and dates and deadlines. 

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements vary depending on the language community and level of education.

General Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are determined by each higher education institution.
  • For Bachelor degree programme- Secondary School Diploma (Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs)
  • For Master Programme- Bachelor degree or its equivalent is required. Sufficient ECTS credits must be achieved. 
  • For Doctorate/PhD- Master’s degree or its international equivalent is required. 

Specific Admission Requirements- Exemption for Courses/Programmes

Depending upon the University/College and course of study student wants to pursue, the passing of an entrance examination is needed for admission into a specific course/programme.
  • For Medicine or Dentistry Course: Students are required to appear for an entrance examination that is organized by the Government in order to gain admittance into the course/programme. The examination evaluates the pupil’s science knowledge, their IQ and their psychological ability to become a physician. 
  • For Arts : For admissions into the arts courses/programmes, pupils are required to sit an entrance examination that is practical in nature and are oragnised by the colleges separately. 
  • For Engineering Sciences : Students who desire to study Engineering Science courses in Belgium must appear for an entrance examination that focuses on mathematics. This examination is conducted in the French Community. After successful completion of the course/programme, students are awarded the degree of Master of Science.
  • For Management Sciences : The Management Schools in Belgium take admission tests that concentrate on individual motivation and pre-cognition of a specialized discipline. 

To know about the Admission Requirements of the Higher Education Institutions-Language Community wise, click through-

Language Requirements

Proficiency in Dutch or French is required. 

Dutch Language Proficiency-

Certificate of Dutch as Foreign Language, or CNaVT : It is an internationally recognised certificate that demonstrates the Dutch language competency of the candidates. 

French Language Proficiency-

DELF B1 level: This level indicates that the candidate possess good knowledge of French.

English Language Proficiency-

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language- Tests the English language skills in an academic environment.

IELTS: International English Language Testing System- Tests the English language skills of non-native speakers.

Apply to Institutions

Fill out the application form of the respective institution and submit it along with the necessary documentation. Apply in time!

Apply for Scholarships and Grants  

Check with the institution where you’ve been enrolled about the scholarship programmes being offered and student exchange opportunities. Flemish Scholarships and French Community Scholarships and Grants are available to students. Apply in time with documentation!

Arrange for Accommodation

Student Accommodation in Belgium varies according to the budget, stay period and student status. Get in contact with the institution to know about the accommodation facilities provided by them.

Apply for Student Visa

After you receive the acceptance letter from the institution, apply for student visa at the Belgian embassy or consulate in your country with the necessary documents.
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